Virtual Queue System Improves Your Customer Flow

An identification, such as a printed ticket or a mobile phone with an SMS, secures the customer’s place in the virtual queue. The identifier can be provided upon arrival, but it can also be provided before making an appointment. There is no need for a real waiting line because the position in the queue is confirmed. Thus, the customer in your premise can be kept in control remotely and prevent crowd.

Cloud QMS allow user to make appointment and queue online
in just 4 simple steps.

Step 1

Get the queue number from BMO web page


User go to a web page, key in phone number and pick the queue type such as “follow up”, “new appointment”, etc.

Step 2

Current queue list


Queue Manager will be notified about the user request and assign a queue number for the customer. The Queue Manager would either send SMS to customers immediately or before their turn takes place.

Step 3

Send SMS


The Queue Manager calls the queue numbers as usual.

Step 4

Received SMS


The current queue number list can be viewed online.

Online QMS Queue Manager

Queue from BMO cloud received

Assign queue number for online queue

Call queue number as usual




QMS Cloud Setting


QMS Cloud Link