Service Counters and F&B Outlets Complete QMS Solution

Complete Queue Management System that fulfills your queuing needs from basic QMS queuing system to sophisticated queue solutions. Our queue management system handles customers and visitors crowd by allowing them to enter queue digitally by taking a ticket number at self service ticketing kiosk or payment counters.

The BizCloud QMS system consists of:

  • Queue Display
  • Television
  • Queue Caller
  • Queue Number
  • Thermal Receipt Printer
  • Queue Manager Software


No Item Specifications Function
1 Queue Display
  • 1 x HDMI port
  • WiFi Wireless
  • 1 x 3.5mm Audio Jack
To display number into television or any output devices
2 Television Any brand of television with an HDMI input port

  • Able to connect to many television
  • The “Ring” and “Number” sound will be read from the TV
3 Queue Caller
  • WiFi Wireless
  • 5 inches display
  • Touch screen caller
To call ticket number to certain counter/room
4 Queue Number Model P1500

  • 15 inches display
  • Touch screen
  • WiFi Wireless
Model QN 100

  • 5 inches display
  • Touch screen
  • WiFi Wireless
For customer select and click which counter they are going for. For example, to get new ticket, to follow up or other appointment
5 Thermal Printer Wired Thermal Printer

  • With auto-cutter
  • USB cable
  • 80mm Thermal Paper
Wireless Thermal Printer

  • With auto-cutter
  • WiFi Wireless
  • 80mm Thermal Paper
To print number ticket for the user
6 Queue Management Software
  • Control overall queue number calling. Installed into each counter
  • Call the number
  • Insert new number
  • Push the number to another counter
For counter use

Features of BizCloud QMS System

queue system multiple language
Support multiple languages e.g. English, Malay, Chinese, Thai, Filipino, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Japanese, etc.

queue system custom buttons
Able to create many customized buttons for multiple business usage. For example, if you are a clinic, the 3 buttons could be “New Registration”, “Follow Up” and “X-Ray”.

queue system queue caller
Able to call number from counter’s computer software or Queue Caller.

insert queue number from pc
Able to insert number from counter’s computer, cut queue, push station and etc.

queue report queue manager malaysia
Able to keep record of served numbers.

queue online malaysia
Able to let user obtain queue number from online.

queue system queue ticket number
Able to design ticket layout.

queue system design background
Able to design background.

queue system display slideshow
Able to display slide shows on screen.

queue system number blink
When the number is called, the number will blink and it will be read out.

After Sales Service

With the advancement of technology, we are able to provide online support by logging into the remote PC for most of the problems.

We will always try to guide your team to solve most of the problem.

queue system online support

appointment support pg kl jb office

If it involve hardware problem, we may pay visits or arrange troubleshooting in our premise.

We have a good track record of supporting our customers for many years. Therefore you can rest assure that we have your back.

Easy Use & Integration For Any Small Business, SME and Corporates

POS Market Queue Manager, a complete small business Queue System that takes out the hassle out of queue management and a perfect waiting line application. POS Market Queue Manager System aims to enhance customer experience, complements social distancing guidelines with smooth flow at essential customer touch points using our simple wireless QMS queue system hardware, queue displays and queue management software.

POS Market Queue Manager is capable to handle diverse organisation queue issues and create a seamless solution for all company size. Our Queue Manager is scale-able and integration ready with POS Market POS System for complete business solution.

How POS Market Queue Manager Works

queue system windows

All you need is a Windows PC to run Queue Manager. You can choose our P1500 touch screen device to function as the wireless touch point of your organisation’s numbering kiosk.