Queue System Diagram


Wireless Direct link to Queue Management Screen for Customers

Our Queue Management System links to multiple Queue Display Monitors via WiFi networks without the need of network cable wiring. This unique wireless queue system feature allows you to cover very wide customer waiting area or assign any area as the new waiting lounge in your business premise any time.

queue management system integration wireless connection screen display

Queue Management Screen with Layout 6

Queue Manager is designed to improve healthcare center’s outpatient flow and increases hospitals, labs or clinic facilities efficiency. Our Queue Management System handles from initial entry point to check-out. Assigning patients to their appointed hospital staff or doctors at the correct room. Handling healthcare center’s crowd well by providing comfortable transition on every step. Queue Manager works well with various businesses e.g:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Dental clinics
  • Treatment centers
  • Car service center
  • Computer service center
  • Mobile phone service center

Alert Customers When Food is Ready

Customers can relax and acknowledge that their food is being prepared by monitoring their queue status on a screen at a safe distance from other diners. When their food is ready, the cashier counter or food collection counter will alert the customer on the same queue display with multiple language audio. Thus, creating a smooth and pleasant customer experience.

queue manager integration queue management pos system alert customer

queue manager integration restaurant queue management pos system

Food And Beverage Queue System Screen Layout 2

Our Queue Management System is designed for Food and Beverage industry or fast food chain. The queue management system is seamlessly integrated with POS Market POS System. When your customer transacts at your cashier counter, the receipt number will be displayed at the Queue Management Screen. When the food is ready, the cashier at POS Terminal can directly open Queue Manager to call the customer’s number.