qtp100 queue ticket printer

Complete Customer Queue System Solution
Manage Queue Flow Effortlessly

Our queue management system allows visitors to enter a queue by taking a ticket via a printing device. Wi-Fi ready, plug and play device and readily integrated with Queue Manager.

You can print in normal or reverse order to suit your needs. It has the capability to print in both normal and reverse print orientation, providing enhanced readability and convenience for users.

queue ticket printer qtp100 print orientation

qtp100 queue ticket sample

QTP-100 Queue Ticket Printer allows you to set multiple queue ticket layouts according to your customer service needs, enables you to engage waiting for customers with a digital screen, and informs customers of the queue number ahead of them.

Programmable buttons and a low-cost all-in-one queue system that meets a wide range of queuing requirements, from simple to complicated, multi-branch, multi-region enterprise systems. The user has the option to select the position of the message, whether it be on the left, center, or right side of the display. Queue Manager is the right solution for you to perfect your customer service flow.

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