Managing Service Counters Customer Experience

It is common knowledge that places such as bank institutions, post office, mall customer service or insurance agency often requires long waiting time for visitors. Now with POS Market Queue Manager, customers will enter the digital queue by generating the queue number and print the ticket at the queue number kiosk. After digitally securing a placed in line, your customers can now spend their time in a waiting however they see fit because your visitors know exactly when they are to be called for service.

You need a Windows PC to run the Queue Manager, P901 device would be a great option to run your QMS queue system.

Service Counters Queue System Flow


Step 1

queue system service counter

  1. Visitors selects service required at the Queue Number Kiosk (Label buttons and background is customizable)
  2. Queue Number Kiosk (optional device P901) linking to a receipt printer will print the generated queue number

Step 2

queue system service counter

  1. When your service counter is ready to accept customer, your staff can select the Call [Queue Number] button
  2. Queue Manager can work on its own in a separate Windows device or you can install it into your service counter Windows PC

Step 3

queue system service counter queue display

  1. Queue Manager will display the queue number at Queue Number Display Monitor
  2. You can have multiple monitor, mounted anywhere in your premise
  3. Display Monitor runs in WiFi using a small receiver