Setup QMS Ticketing Station

setup qms ticketing station

The setup can be found from QMS system. Once login, you can set the queue system accordingly. The screenshot above shows brief information about the settings in the form.

Setup QMS Display

setup qms display

Once the QMS display is setup, the user can setup the queue display system according to the setup form. The QMS display is connected to television.

Edit QMS Display Layout

edit qms display layou

You may change colors and font size at the QMS display setting page.

sample design layout

Sample changed layout

Setup QMS Calling Counter

setup qms calling counter

To connect the counter to Queue System, you need to install the Queue Software to counter PC, and then setup the counter accordingly. You can setup up to 50 counters in a company for the QMS.

Push Counter Feature

The Push Counter feature allows user to pass queue tickets among different departments. This is to ease the process without issuing multiple tickets and lost track of the customer. This feature also enables you to utilize the same set of devices.

Queue System Clinic Example

Example 1: Patient will be issued a queue number ticket prior seeing the doctor. Once consultation is done, the doctor will push the same queue number over to the pharmacy. Once medicine is prepared, the pharmacy calls upon the same number.

Queue System Clinic Example

Example 2: Wrong department ticket has been selected, service counter able to push the number to the correct department, and queue number to be called to the correct department.

Queue Manager Station 1

push counter feature

Queue Manager Station 2

push counter feature

push counter feature

push counter feature