Queue System Display

Queue display is used to display queue numbers on the screen paired with a sound system so that customers know which counter would attend them. There are multiple layouts in the queue display setting.

Layout 2

Mostly used for restaurant for food preparation and collection.

Layout 5

Shows 5 queue numbers and a running slide show for advertisements or public service announcements.

Layout 6

Shows 6 queue numbers and counters. Suitable for any business operations such as clinics.

Television or Monitor Queue Displays

Television of any size can be used to display queue numbers. The display can be setup on counter, or hang on the wall. You can connect multiple televisions with Queue Display wireless. All displays will show the same queue numbers.

queue system jabatan kerajaan

queue system car service centre

queue system ppv vaccine centre

Layout Customization

You can change the queue number display background, font size, color, prefix and others. Beside is an example of the customized queue display layout.